Psalm 108


This single word stands out in Psalm 108. In the English Standard Version, it is used eight times in 13 verses and implied several other times. In the song’s introduction, the word is used in the personal expression of determination to praise God. As the poet continues, we see hopeful expectation of what the Lord will do for His people.

I will…

Make a melody with all my being!

Awake the dawn.

Give thanks to God.

Sing praises to God.

He will…

Redeem me.

Empower me to act valiantly.

Tread down my foes.

The picture is clear. The psalmist is pre-praising God for holding to His promises in the future.

Today as you read Psalm 108, ask yourself whether you live a life of pre-praising God for how He will act on your behalf.