Julie’s Thankfulness

Julie McKerrow is a retired teacher who loves to spend time with her family and who volunteers in her grandchildren’s schools. She is a regular participant in Women’s Bible Study and is on the prayer team. She loved being part of the cookie brigade for the meet and greet time in our worship service, and it is a joy to welcome her to our Friday Thankfulness feature.

First and foremost I am thankful for the Bible and what it reveals about our amazing God. My journal is also very important. It contains reflections on Bible passages, reflections on life, prayer, and quotations. I write and reread journals for perspective and remembrance.

Mike is God’s very best gift to me. I have been thankful for him every day for 40 years. He is the best example I have of God’s unconditional love.

Joanna is my eldest daughter. She and her husband and their three children are a constant source of joy to me.

Liz and Rebekah are my twin daughters. Mike and I prayed for twins, and God gave twins. We have gotten to share that fact for years since many people ask, “Did you know you were having twins?” Next they ask whether twins run in our family. They don’t, not even one set.

I am very thankful for our house and our car. The house (and every other place we’ve lived) is a direct result of prayer and God’s provision and so is the car.