Psalm 93

What does this psalm teach me about God’s character?

How have I felt the same emotion(s) as the psalmist?

Have I offered God all my emotions today?

Because my God is, I know that I am _________.

Living in light of this truth, today I will ________.

4 thoughts on “Psalm 93

  1. This is a powerful reminder for me as I awake to a new day in a sin-scarred world. Psalm 91:1, which I read earlier in the week, comes to mind. Oh that I will dwell in the shelter of the Most High, abide in the shadow of the Almighty. In Him is the very best place to be. What are you pondering as you read through these Psalms? I would love to see your voices light up this spot because it feels lonely at times not having the weekly face-to-face with you lovely ladies. I miss you! Oh, and if you’re having trouble leaving a message because our site provider wants you to log in, don’t include your email address below! Just your name is perfect. Thanks so much.


  2. Those “flood waters” can be so overwhelming. My students are overwhelmed right now. So much fear, uncertainty, anger and pain. I hurt for them. I try to be a healing balm to them, while trying to keep my own head above the rushing waters of my own fear and pain. I reach out to Him! So GOOD to be reminded that His might is more, He is high up, He is above all of what I perceive as chaos and He, who loves me and cares for me, REIGNS. Thanks, Jaime, for reaching out!


  3. Karen, it is not just your students feeling overwhelmed right now. It is so easy to feel the flood waters in the world we live in. The sea was the mightiest thing in the psalmist’s world and he reminds us that God is greater still. Such a good truth that we can cling to in times like these. Thanks for sharing. Hugs and prayers.


  4. Psalm 91:3 stood out to me this morning, as it repeats three times that the floods have lifted up their voice and their pounding waves! Oh, how I feel the waves of all sorts of things all around me today. Yet, greater than the sounds of the mighty waters is the Lord on high. He has firmly established the world, it will not be moved. So comforting to have a stable, everlasting, rock solid God amid the turmoil and exhausting uncertainty of our world today.


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