Psalm 92

What does this psalm teach me about God’s character?

How have I felt the same emotion(s) as the psalmist?

Have I offered God all my emotions today?

Because my God is, I know that I am _________.

Living in light of this truth, today I will ________.

2 thoughts on “Psalm 92

  1. I was struck this morning as I read the title for the Psalm. It reads “A Psalm. A song for the Sabbath.” This song was meant as worship where we find our strength and rest. Strength and rest praising God for who He is (praiseworthy, loving, faithful, powerful, eternal, etc.) and realizing that through worship of Him we grow like a tree bearing fruit into our old age. We grow older not withered but fresh and fruitful.

    The world is in chaos around us. It is easy for me to feel anxious and troubled, but I will find rest today in praising my LORD. It is my prayer that worship of Him will renew my strength and overflow from my life as a blessing to my neighbor.

    What is God teaching you today in this Psalm?


  2. This summer I’m walking through theses psalms with my kids and finding objects from nature to study with them. Today we got to the palm tree and the cedar of Lebanon. We found it fascinating to note how God directed the psalmist to use trees common to Israel to describe the righteous — flourishing, producing plentiful fruit late into life. This was not the palm tree planted in the Northwest outside its natural habitat but one that was flourishing in its element. When we grow in righteousness in the house of our God, we flourish, too. Beautiful. — Jaime Sherman


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