Changing of the Seasons

By Jamie Harms

I was helping my son with his schoolwork this week, and for his project, he needed to know what day of quarantine we are currently experiencing. Thus, we sat down and pulled out the calendar. March 14 was our first day home, so 16 days in March, 30 days in April, and 25 days so far in May. That totals up to 71 days that we have been home. If you are like I am, it is hard to keep track of what day of the week it is and which week of being home we are in, so Memorial Day, the kickoff of the summer season, snuck up on me.

Despite Memorial Day sneaking up on me, I am looking forward to summer. I truly do love seasons. Each new season brings something different, and this summer is no exception. Although it might not look exactly like we thought it would in January, there are still things to treasure — relishing warm evenings, hiking with the family, reading books, enjoying fresh corn and peaches, eating meals on the porch, taking trips to the ice cream shop, and feeling the warmth of sunshine on our skin. Summer is a time to play and to rest.  

One of my favorite summer traditions has become spending time reading, re-reading, singing, and praying the psalms. All school year long, I discipline myself to study God’s Word, but summer allows for me to really just sit in God’s presence in His Word in a whole new way. This past year we have spent time together studying Joshua, Jude, and how God created us in His image.

Now, the UFC Women’s team and I invite you to join us via the blog and social media for a summer of sitting at God’s feet, of once again slowing down to immerse ourselves in the truth of the psalms. Starting June 1, you will see daily social media posts with verses from Psalms along with teaching and reflection on our week’s passages posted each Wednesday here on the blog. We will continue practicing thankfulness on Fridays as well as provide two weekend posts, a note on Saturday from the Editor’s Desk (we have several who work hard to bring you our blog content) as well as announcements each Sunday as you plan your week ahead.

It is such a joy to walk with you through this adventure that God has put before us. May we continue to find joy in this season as we spend time in God’s Word, prayer, thankfulness, and (hopefully) face-to-face fellowship soon.

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