Late Spring Thankfulness

We welcome Karen Culver to our Friday Thankfulness post. This September she and her husband Lyle will be married 59 years. They were high school sweethearts and remain sweethearts today. They have four children and eight grandchildren. Over the years, they have relocated from sunny southern California to the rainy Northwest, a fact Karen grossly under estimated. It is a joy to turn this post over to Karen…

UFC WOMEN’S BLOG: At the top of my thankful list is this blog and the creative minds and hands who have collectively brainstormed and prayed over the content to keep our hearts and minds focused on the truth that our great and mighty God is in control and He doesn’t sleep or slumber and He is in this with us. Every morning I look forward to seeing what is new and being shared, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for your faithfulness.

REDEEMED TIME: Over the many years, there have been long lists of to-dos, and then all of sudden, there aren’t just minutes squeezed in for oneself but hours and hours. Now there are long stretches of time to pray, memorize, and reflect on God and His Word. Time to enjoy baking and cookie decorating with grandchildren. Time to enjoy relaxing in the garden provided by my devoted husband. Time to indulge in our biking hobby.

BIKING: After fifteen years of marriage, Lyle and I took our hobby of bike riding and bought a bicycle retail store in Portland. Never make your hobby a business; the hobby ceases to be a hobby. Eight years ago the abandoned hobby was recaptured, and we again began riding. During the past nine weeks, Lyle and I have racked over 1,100 miles, some of those miles we were accompanied by our daughter, Sarah, and two grandchildren, Corinna and Finley. I am thankful that these three are becoming cycling enthusiasts. Company enhances the journey as the more the merrier, and having your own road mechanic is an additional bonus. Social distancing is not an issue here!

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies: In this past year, baking has been something to bring joy to my heart. I am thankful to have people who enjoy eating the end result. Corinna and Finley have become my apt cookie decorating students.

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  1. That’s an impressive amount of miles in 9 weeks, Karen! You’ve really redeemed your time at home with time with God, your family and cycling! I love to cycle as well, looking forward to talking with you about it sometime!

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