Thankfulness: Smiles

We have made it through another week of quarantine, and Friday is here again. This week Rachel Moore is sharing with us some things for which she is thankful. Rachel is a native Oregonian, having grown up in Central Oregon and living in Eugene for the last five years. She is wife to Chris and mama to Fjora (3) and Eloise (1). She loves to read and drink good coffee in between diaper changes and pretend tea parties. She’s a plant lady, loving to tend to her robust, varied, and some would say, crazy collection of houseplants. She values being real and sharing life’s ups and downs on this journey of loving Jesus and raising kids!

I love the phrase “Sisters are different flowers from the same garden.” Dressing my little ladies in matching outfits of their favorite character is a fun treat. Do you see the two Minnies Fjora is holding? I usually go for what’s comfy and clean! But when I get to match them like this, it brings a little extra sparkle to my day. Now, to get them both looking at the camera at the same time is a challenge all its own! 

Getting a 3 year old to smile for a photo is no easy feat. So when this little cutie, Fjora, and I capture a smiling photo together, I celebrate!

Grace has come to me in the form of some beautiful, sunny days. My girls have enjoyed feeling the soft breeze as they dig in the gravel in the driveway. Eloise loves getting to play outside in her diaper! 

Having Chris working from home has meant extra daddy cuddles for our little girls. Eloise has always been a daddy’s girl and especially enjoys pauses during the day for a hug from Dad. 

Like everyone else, we have been trying to bring order to our home and cross off some house projects! One small project that has brought me joy is this bookshelf. The simple act of ordering my books in rainbow order and adding a candle and plant to the top shelf has made me smile! Having a beautiful, ordered spot, even amongst other unfinished projects, has been a little corner of peace. Books, houseplants, candles, and rainbow colors spell joy for me!

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  1. These are beautiful pictures, Rachel! I am delighted to be getting to know you in Women’s Bible study. You and Joanna should have a play date once quarantine days have passed, don’t you think?


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