A Prayer in the Stillness

By Andi Hines

We are living in a moment with challenges and sorrows we will remember all our lives. But today, and perhaps even years from now, we may realize life lessons from this season that bring us joy. Today we’re mourning the way our life used to be. We’re missing the freedom to be around others without restriction or concern.

On Sundays, we draw together online with great anticipation, and we feel replenished. But we miss the hugs. So much socializing in our life has been replaced by so much stillness. It’s like God has put the breaks on — hard! But as I visit with friends, I’m hearing something more than what they’re missing. I hear many sharing a new awareness. Many expr

ess that their life had become too busy, and they see priorities they had forgotten. Today, even with social distancing, many say their relationships have deepened. We realize now that life had become so busy it overshadowed the joy of deepening relationships with others.

David sat by still waters, listened, and music rose from his heart. Still waters in our life are not a bad thing. They’re just unfamiliar — and maybe even uncomfortable. But what we see during this quiet can be life altering. As we make the most of this stillness, we can develop greater depth with those we love. We can learn to listen to God in new ways, and we’ll grow in, not only our relationships, but also in our faith.

Dearest Precious LORD, You know how busy my life has been. I rely on Your wisdom and lay my heart open for Your care. Create in me a woman who is not afraid of stillness, but instead runs toward it, knowing she will find You there. May I never forget my priority to love others and to know You. So let it be…

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