Craving Consistency: Weekend Edition

By Joanna Sheppard

Last Monday I wrote about ways we can be consistent in our weekdays by planning schedules for daily routines. Today we will look at ways to set the weekend apart since the days can run together without our normal outings. With some foresight and creativity, we can craft that longed for separation between our weekdays and weekends. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Kick off the weekend with a fun event.

We all know kids and most adults need time and communication to make transitions with grace. Set up your weekend for success by establishing an activity to mark the end of the work week and beginning of the weekend. This could be the aforementioned “Fancy Friday,” a Friday Family Fun Night, or Saturday brunch. For kids who are old enough, setting up breakfast and a morning activity to do while parents sleep in could also be a fun — and restful — option. Opportunities abound to start your weekend off right.

Take time to play and create.   

Research shows again and again that people learn best in a safe and fun environment. Playing together, learning new skills, and making time to use your creativity creates powerful family bonds, fertile soil for personal growth, and long-lasting memories. You can start a family band, choir, or basketball team. Watch an art tutorial, and try your hand at watercolors, shadow tracing, colored popped bubble art, or salt dough creations. Set up the tent in the yard or living room and have an in-house camping trip. Go on a family walk or bike ride. Set up that Frozen Monopoly game your kids have been begging to play and hunker down with tea or cocoa. The goal is to set other things aside and have fun!

Make time for rest and worship.

In the creation account of Genesis 2:1-25, God sets up a schedule for regular Sabbath rest. Sabbath was given to mankind as a gift for people to take time to rest for a whole day and focus on Him. This practice is foreign to most of us as the frantic pace of American culture often shapes our schedules, priorities, and mindsets. We have been given an opportunity to receive this gift God knows we need, time to be refreshed in His word, prayer and worship. As a family, pick a Bible story to read together and act out. Sing and dance to a worship playlist, or listen as you paint, draw, or write a response to a Bible lesson. Plan activities that feed your souls with truth and give rest to your bodies.  

Along with finding rest as a family, re-prioritize meeting together with God’s family. Remind your kids why we gather with other believers and how it helps our faith grow. Tune into the livestream of Sunday’s service and discuss the sermon basics with your family. Sabbath rest may look different from person to person; however, the goal is to enjoy the gift of rest God has given us.

Transition back to weekday routines with a Sunday meeting and prayer.

Again, transition is important, so take a few minutes to ease the family back into the routines of your weekday schedule. You can share your favorite moments from the weekend, ideas for next weekend, and things you are looking forward to in the week to come. It might help to go over weekday schedule changes and goals for the week. Ask family members if there are any worries or problem areas that need work. Finally, spend time praying together for those things, praising Him for the good gifts He gave you during the weekend and asking for His blessing and leadership over your week.  

There are many ways to create the structure and consistency that we long for during our weekend family time. In the same way you plan your weekday routines, make time with your husband to discuss your weekend priorities and make a plan you both are happy with. Pray over your weekend, expect adjustments as you explore what’s working and what needs to change. I hope you are filled with hope and expectancy as you plan time for transition, fun, rest and worship for the weekend to come. 

What ideas have you used to create consistent weekend plans for your family? Please share in the comments below!

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