Friday Thankfulness: A Story of Faith

By Tamara Rowe

Editor’s Note: We would like to introduce you to Tamara Rowe as she shares with us her story of meeting Jesus. Tamara and her husband Pete attend UFC. She has recently gone back to work as a nurse, working part time during this pandemic. So, without further adieu, her story — and the many things she’s thankful for this week.

Growing up in the small European country of Czechoslovakia, which was run by a socialist government, faith was discouraged to the point of punishment by the government. My mom became a believer in Jesus when I was 14 years old. She tried to share her faith with me and sent me to a Bible study. She was immediately told by my teacher that if I wanted to pursue higher education, I would have to stop going to church. My mom lost her teaching job at a nursing school because she attended church on Sundays.

My husband and I got married when I was 18, had our first daughter when I was 19, and chose to leave everything behind when I was 23 to immigrate to America, escaping the restrictive, brutal regime. Our beginnings were hard, but our family achieved the American dream in the first few years. While in America, I finally received the Lord in my heart at age 26 after having my second daughter. My mother’s prayers have been answered. Thanks to her years of sharing the gospel with me, I finally experienced the longing for Jesus and the desire to walk with Him through my life.

After giving my life to Jesus, I have had a different way of dealing with my problems. I have Jesus to give me comfort, hope, and guidance. I experienced a major crisis with the death of my first husband to leukemia, lost our home, and had to figure out how to  provide for my daughters alone. I put myself through the LCC nursing program and became a registered nurse, which allowed me to provide for my girls and perform a job I love to this day. I married a man named Pete, and together we have raised our children. We now enjoy our four grandchildren.

Looking back, everything was the way it was supposed to be. God had and continues to have a plan for my life. He has been and continues to be in control of my life to this day. The more I learn about Him, the more I see how He has tested me and how He has blessed me as He molds me into the person He wants me to be. It reminds me of a quote that I read from Paul Tripp, “If God intended for all the days of your life to be easy, they would be. No, in grace, He intends for your days to be His tools of refinement.”

What am I thankful for? First of all, His perfect love for me, His undeserved grace, and the gift of salvation. Second, this country of the USA and the freedoms my family and I can enjoy as I know first hand what a life without liberty feels like. Third, my family. My husband Pete of 25 years, my two daughters, and their children and spouses. God blesses us with health and provision. I can go on and on. I am blessed by my friends, our church body, and my brothers and sisters in Christ. God is there to be my guide in all of it. I am a very blessed child of God.

Tamara remains thankful for God’s Word. She wrote this poem during the Psalms study, which UFC women did in preparation for Easter.

Tamar is thankful to be in the USA!

Tamara’s marriage to Pete and her family are blessings in her life.

Tamara treasures the gift of grandchildren.

Tamara enjoys time in the kitchen with her grandchildren.

5 thoughts on “Friday Thankfulness: A Story of Faith

  1. She is a blessing in every life she touches. I am so grateful she is all of our lives. We love you Tamara.


  2. Tamara, I so admire your courage and your confidence in God, forged in the trials He has walked you through. I’m grateful too for the gift of encouragement you extend to those around you. Glad we get to share this journey with you and Pete! Thank you for sharing your story.


  3. Thank you so much for sharing, Tamara. It is so encouraging to see God work in your life both in your story and in the present. Hugs.


  4. Thank you for your kind words, ladies. My growth in Jesus is partially because if you and your encouragement.
    I am thankful for all of you.


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