This Is What We’ve Trained For

Editor's Note: Every Thursday for the past two years, Kathleen Harwood has played a huge role in getting UFC women into God's Word, gathering them together for Bible study. Kathleen's passion for God's Word is infectious as she teaches women, writes studies, and trains leaders. Today in our Daily Joy post, she shares how God's Word does not come back void, how it bears fruit in our lives, especially during such a time as this.

Head Outside with God

Editor's Note: Each week with our Daily Joy postings, you will find posts that encourage us to keep our perspective focused on our great God. The posts will include practical ways to spend time at home, things to consider for our mental and physical health, prayer prompts, ways to be in God's Word, and a pause for thankfulness in midst of our circumstances. Today, we encourage you to focus some time in prayer.

Certainty in Uncertain Times

Welcome to Tuesday's Daily Joy! Editor's Note: You may have seen Jasmine Timm on a Sunday morning. She serves with the kids' and women's ministries, helping teach and develop curriculum and Bible studies as well as contributing to this blog. She is currently studying counseling at Western Seminary, and thus, we have asked her to share with us today a bit about what God is teaching her during these times of isolation, along with a few practical things to aid in helping our mental and spiritual health flourish in times like these.

Pursuing a Peaceful Heart

Twice a month our UFC mamas gather for a time of encouragement in the calling that God has given them. Today we hear from Joanna Sheppard, who helps lead the time for our mom’s gatherings. Since the mamas could not meet this week, we welcome Joanna’s thoughts and encouragements for them and for all of us who walk with Jesus.