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Hi Ladies,

Are you ready to study the Psalms of Ascents (120-134) with us? We’ll release a post that introduces you to these psalms tomorrow (3.29), and then on Monday morning (3.30), you’ll find a post in your inbox and at ufcwomen.blog that will walk you through Psalms 120 and 121. Each lesson (released Monday through Friday for two weeks) will include a brief introduction, the psalm(s) to meditate upon, several questions to ponder, and a prayer. The study was prepared for you by Jamie Harms and Jaime Sherman as a way to prepare your heart for Easter.

Women will meet via an online platform this Thursday and the next Thursday (April 2 and 9) — or on another day depending on the group — to discuss the study. If you have yet to be connected to one of these groups, please email Jamie Harms directly at jamieharms@gmail.com.

After Easter, we plan for the women of UFC to begin Jen Wilkin’s book “In His Image.” We hope you’ll join us for online study discussions beginning April 16. Now is the time to order your own copy of the book. Search online booksellers such as amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, christianbook.com, and lifeway.com for the best shipping dates, or purchase the book as a digital download for immediate delivery.

Finally, don’t forget to click on http://www.university-fellowship.com a few minutes before 10 a.m. tomorrow (3.29) to participate in the church’s livestream.

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