Saying “No” in Order to Say “Yes”

A friend of mine from Portland, who is in ministry, helped me put what I have been feeling regarding the coronavirus cancellations into words. She said, “Sometimes courage means saying ‘no’ when everything in you says ‘yes.’” I so want to say “yes” to finishing up our last week in Jude together in-person and so want to say “yes” to continuing to gather the mamas for a time of encouragement. Yet, in light of our situation worldwide, I need the courage to say “no” to these things in order to say “yes” to showing love to my fearful neighbors in a way that they understand, “yes” to protecting those in our community who are most vulnerable to the ravages of disease, and “yes” to respecting our government and the decisions leaders are making to the best of their ability to keep our community safe. Thus, it is with a heavy heart that we cancel some of our regular connection time, but I encourage you to see even this time of loss or inconvenience as a gift — a gift to rest.  

We, as your women’s ministry team, are working hard to creatively find ways for us to connect virtually over the next few weeks. One thing that we will have available coming up on the blog starting on March 29 is a two-week study of the Psalms of Ascent as we prepare our hearts for Easter. Each day we will do a post emphasizing a psalm along with some questions to help us engage with the passage. We can use the comments section of the blog to connect with one another and to share what we are learning as we reflect on the psalm. We are also working on a few other things, so you will have to check back again soon or watch your email.

Take courage, dear ones. May God fill you with compassion, peace, and hope as you rest in this next season.

Jamie and the Women’s Ministry Team

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