Monday, March 30, 2020

Good Monday Morning to you, Ladies! We have the pleasure of sharing two posts with you today. One begins our daily time in Psalms 120-134, a series that we'll offer Monday through Friday the next two weeks as we journey toward Easter. The second post was written especially for our mamas at UFC. We hope you'll click on the link and be encouraged how the Lord keeps us.

Preparing Your Heart

For your reading today, find a new post on the Psalms of Ascents. In the next two weeks, we will journey a bit each day through these psalms, just as the early pilgrims of Jesus’ day did as they walked to Jerusalem to worship God at the temple. We hope you'll join us for the study!

Up Next

Are you ready to study the Psalms of Ascents (120-134) with us? We'll release a post that introduces you to these psalms tomorrow (3.29), and then on Monday morning (3.30), you'll find a post in your inbox and at that will walk you through Psalms 120 and 121.