Throwing Shade: An age-old sin in our modern culture

A grumbler is someone who has negative opinions about something but only makes enough of a fuss to cause more problems, offering no solutions and vehemently mumbling indecipherable words under their breath. Jude had a lot to say about people who couldn’t control their tongues. In his letter, Jude called out false teachers by their ungodly deeds AND their ungodly words. In verses 15-16, he revealed specific ways these ungodly sinners spoke against God using their tongues — with harsh words, grumbling, malcontent, loud-mouthed boasting, and favoritism. As we all know, it is not just false teachers who can be guilty of these sins. Believers can just as easily fall prey to the temptations of the unruly tongue.

Toolbox #3: The Good Old Standbys

The sun taunted me this week as I am itching to get out into my garden and put some plants into the ground. I have my gloves and spade next to my backdoor, and they are set and ready for the first day following our last hard frost. I did end up contenting myself with planting some seeds for starts in my window sill, but the outside garden must wait a few more weeks. However, when the day comes, my gloves and spade — my good old standbys — are ready to go. I always take them out with me just in case I need them. They are not specialty tools like the stump grinder we talked about last week, but they are foundational to daily life in the garden.

Your Gut Will Know

Our teaching this week comes just after Jude realizes he can't talk to this body of believers about good news. Instead, Jude must address the danger of tolerating erroneous doctrine, writing they had "abandoned themselves to the error" of wrong teaching. They would need to remove this harmful element to be well, which makes me think about how I accept the need to change.

Toolbox #2: The Right Tool for the Job

We have tools to study God’s Word that help us till the soil and plant seeds of truth, so it can be fruitful ... For the next few weeks, we are going to take a look at specific tools that will help in our study of Jude. Some of them Jackie uses in our study guide but can be applied to any study we do in the Bible. We will not use every tool each week, but we’ll have them available when the need arises.

Contending as the Beloved

Here's an excerpt from today's post in our series on Jude's letter: To contend for the faith is an effort of the mind, for we must know God’s Word to adequately defend what it true. It’s also an act of the will as we choose with godly love to respond to those who oppose us. And finally, struggling is about engaging in a spiritual battle, one fought on our knees through prayer.