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UFC Women has an exciting winter ahead here online and face-to-face as we look at the topic of evangelism, and then delve into a new study of the New Testament letter of Jude. 

Beginning Thursday, January 16, Pastor Brett Gilchrist will take the UFC family through the three-week Continuing Ed class Ambassadors of the Kingdom about evangelism — both its importance and its intimidation. During these weeks, we’re going to highlight here on this blog the series Encounters with Evangelists. The series will open with the sweet testimony of the artist Ellie Escobar of Vancouver Island, who declares of salvation through Jesus Christ, “When our LORD has made such an incredible thing in our life, it’s impossible to remain silent.” 

Ambassadors of the Kingdom and the features on this blog will prepare us for our study of Jude and the charge in verse 3 to “contend for the faith” and in verse 23 to “save others by snatching them out of the fire.” When our Jude study begins on February 6, you’ll find here weekly study reflections along with study helps, including memory cards, lock screens for your phones, Instagram posts and audio recordings to encourage your word-for-word memorization of Jude’s 25 verses over the seven weeks we meet together.

The Jude study will be offered on Thursdays both in the morning from 9:30 to 11 at The Barn and in the evenings from 6:30 to 8 at Willamette Bible Chapel. The cost is $18 per participant for the study book. A family dinner will be offered beginning at 5:30 p.m. for the evening participants. Children are invited to attend a special time just for them in the mornings (nursery and preschool) and evenings (Kids Club for nursery through 5th grade). Middle schoolers will be shuttled to The Barn for youth group after the family dinner. Click here or on the image below to reserve your spot in the study!

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  1. I am looking forward to the Evangelism series and the Jude study. I can’t wait to meet up and be transformed together!


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