Remember the Signs

I often say that my least favorite time to live in Oregon is during the months of January and February. Upon waking each morning, the sun is still sleeping, the rain is pounding, and the air is cold. As I lay in bed trying to summon the motivation to get up, I find myself longing for certain places where the air is warm and crisp and the daylight stretches on for hours.

Encounters with Evangelists: Parents

Editor's Note: In the series "Encounters with Evangelists," UFC Women share stories of people who have influenced their walks with Jesus. Today Ginny Riley, who was instrumental in the discipleship of many UFC women during her years in Eugene, writes about how her parents consistently shared with her the good news of faith in Jesus. It is an honor to welcome her to this little online corner.

Encounters: Little Evangelists

What do you think of when you hear the word evangelism? Maybe you recall knocking on doors, missions trips, or curbside testifying. But there's also a more general form of evangelism, one that is profound without the use of biblical tenets. There's hardly a better example than the wonder in creation being shared by a little child.