Joshua Study Begins Thursday!

The time has finally arrived for us to kick off our UFC Women’s fall Bible study this Thursday, October 10! The study guides are printed, the leaders trained, the treats planned, and the time prayed for. The only thing left for us is to gather with our Bibles and open hearts for what God is going to teach us in these next eight weeks.

When you join us on Thursdays, be sure to arrive a bit before the study time to meet and connect with other ladies in our church. Pastries and coffee will be ready at 9 a.m. for the morning study, and a light dinner will be served at 5:30 p.m. for the evening crew. We will then transition into some teaching time with one of three teachers — Kathleen Harwood, Brianna Hines, Jamie Harms — before breaking up into smaller discussion groups to talk about what God is showing us in His Word, to ask questions, and to encourage one another.  Each Thursday, we will end in prayer as we head back into daily life. 

The study we will hand out on the first day is meant as a tool to help you get into your Bible each day. It will include four days of “homework” each week that will take about 20 minutes per day to complete. It will act as a guide as we ask the who, what, where, when, and why questions about the text, compare and contrast points, look at maps, explore cross-references, and more with the goal of being in God’s Word daily. We will also have our blog available during the week with a few fun features to encourage and connect us as we dig into Joshua. On the blog you will find the chapters of Joshua read aloud by different women in our church. We will also post reflections and thoughts on the passage for the week and provide a way to ask questions with “Q&A.”  

One of the amazing things about studying God’s Word is being able to do it with others. When we get together, we bring our different experiences and our generational stories to challenge and to encourage one another as we wrestle with the truth of who God is and how His Word changes our hearts and minds. Thus, if you have not already signed up to be a part of the UFC Women in Joshua this fall, do it now! Invite your friends and neighbors to join us, too, as we anticipate God doing a work in us through His Word as we gather together. See you Thursday!